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  1. What a glorious couple of days learning to mix the most vibrant of colours and using them in stunning techniques. I used to think of watercolours as pale and delicate – not any more! And Sarah’s explanations of both how and why you do things in a certain way are brilliant. An inspirational teacher who so obviously adores her subject. And the follow up day of Xmas card making was fun and made things so simple. All in beautiful St Clements. Thanks, Sarah, and fellow students, for a fun time that opened so many doors.

  2. Spent a wonderful two days mixing luscious colours ,and painting with a lovely group.
    Saw painting opportunities all the way home ,and its a long drive!!
    Thank you Sarah for your generous and infectious inspiration.Looking forward to more xx

  3. The 2 days at St Clements in Truro – fabulous location – with Sarah was so much fun. Her enthusiasm, warmth and encouragement overcomes any concerns one might have about watercolour. As a beginner I learnt so much. Sarah explains and demonstrates thoroughly and throughout gives individual attention to support you. We worked with 3 colours that provided the miriade of “juicy” colours needed. That in itself is an enlightenment.
    She is a lovely lady; a great teacher and artist.

  4. A very enjoyable and instructive two day workshop in a lovely setting. I have learnt loads and am looking forward to getting my paints out and playing with the possibilities. Really well run by Sarah whose experience , expertise and enthusiasm shone through. Thank you

  5. If you have any sort of painting aspirations then attending a workshop with Sarah is something you should definitely consider doing, not if but when.
    Her skill at painting and teaching, her enthusiasm for the subject and empathy with students all magically combine to make this a workshop you will not want to end.
    I learnt so much and can’t wait for the next one
    Thanks Sarah

  6. This was my first ever step into the world of artistry and I couldn’t have chosen a better guide, instructor, encourager than Sarah. Such a talented and generous teacher and a warm, enthusiastic woman! The last 2 days have felt like time out of time and I’ve got some actual paintings that I’m proud enough to show to others and that make me feel confident enough to try at home. I had never picked up a paintbrush before yesterday other than to decorate the house and came with a feeling of trepidation. Really didn’t need to worry Sarah is lovely and the workshop is well paced, relaxing and really enjoyable. Thank you very much Sarah x

  7. Just done a one day Christmas card workshop.
    The day was full of encouragement, knowledge, tips and great ideas in a relaxing environment – everything you would need to produce something a bit different.

    Thanks Sarah, I will be back

  8. Thanks Sarah, another super weekend. I have just attended the follow on watercolours workshop and I am amazed with the paintings I produced. Sarah has endless patience and is an excellent teacher making everything simple. The style of teaching is easy to follow, so everyone produces works they are pleased with, which is confidence building and so inspirational. I can not wait to get my paints out at home and practice to see if I can get the same results I had in class. Absolutely brilliant, looking forward to the next time.

  9. Spent another lovely day with Sarah yesterday and just as enjoyable as ever. This time making Christmas cards. As always a hugely pleasurable and educational day. All fired up for making more cards for nearest and dearest thanks to this one day course. And of course I have booked for another course in the New Year., this will definitely help ward off any winter blues. A very talented lady bothas an artist and teacher.

  10. I really enjoyed my two day “Full Works” intro to Watercolours. Sarah made everyone feel comfortable and at ease and it was a lovely environment to learn in. Sarah demonstrated, encouraged, praised, suggested improvements and was lovely to spend time with. The painting activities were fun and made good use of the ‘loose and juicy’ technique Sarah teaches and the lovely rich colours we mixed. My friends and family have been impressed with my colour charts and the range of colours mixed from the initial 3 let alone any paintings done. Thanks Sarah!

  11. If you’ve been swithering about whether to book a course with Sarah – just do it! After a 2 day beginners course I came away full of inspiration and knowledge. Sarah is a wonderful teacher – she does lots of demonstrating and guides you through all the basics of watercolour painting, so that you feel confident that you can actually paint … with paints … on proper paper … with a brush … and know what you’re doing! Her course is very well structured and planned – there’s loads of information without it being overwhelming and you come away with notes about everything to remind you.
    If you want something that helps you to leave the stresses of everyday life behind you, relax and learn a wonderfully creative skill that will soothe and excite your soul, then I can’t recommend one of Sarah’s course highly enough.

  12. Thank you Sarah for the super helpful and reinvigorating 2 day watercolour workshop in Teigngrace. Sarah does not assume anything which is perfect because she starts from the basics that no one else seems to tell you! Essentials such as how to mix your paint to the right consistency and how much to make give you firm foundations on which to build everything else in glorious watercolour.

  13. Loved the 2 day beginners course in the very pretty Edwardian schoolhouse amidst lovely fall colours all around.
    Sarah is a delightful very skilled teacher who made every moment very pleasurable and we all had lots of laughs while learning . Very casual and relaxing two days which gave us basic skills to make everyone want to carry on and
    and improve . Definitely would recommend signing up. I intend to go to further workshops😊

  14. I had no skills at watercolours, but had all the equipment, before I went on the two day beginners. I may not still have the skills but Sarah made you have confidence in what you were painting that I feel like an artist. I have the confidence now to put that paint on the paper. The weekend was fun, the group was lovely and Sarah’s enthusiasm and patience added to it all. On to the improver’s course in two weeks. I can not wait

  15. “ridiculously easy” is the phrase I would use to describe how Sarah made the beginners watercolour course appear to me. I learnt such a lot. Also met a great group of people. I attended this 2 day course on 7 and 8th October of this year. Sarah brought much fun and vitality to the class, I hope to attend another of her courses in the not too distant future.

    Thank you so much Sarah.

  16. Sarah, Thank you so much for the last couple of days on the Watercolours for Beginners workshop – and for unlocking the mystery of how to convert what comes out of the tube into such a glorious and infinite array of colours

  17. Ok people, do you love to draw and paint but need some guidance?
    Stop what you’re doing right now and book one of Sarah’s workshops! Whatever level you’re at, pick the workshop to suit your needs.
    Over the years I have had the pleasure of starting on the “I know nothing” beginners to last weekend improvers! Having always loved drawing but never used watercolour Sarah has guided me over the years onto a road watercolour heaven. Having a calm and soothing influence over her group, Sarah will guide you through a secret door that leads to bright colours that jump out to greet you. Sarah teaches you easy step by step techniques and tricks that will make you want to carry on at home too. A weekend filled with fun and laughter, tea and biscuits will make you feel relaxed and very proud of what you really can do with a blank piece of white paper and ( in Sarah’s words), a juicy fully loaded brush!

  18. I attended my third course with Sarah and once again not only found it extremely imformative and enjoyable. The improvers course answered some of my issues and I now need to really put into practice what I have learnt.
    Thank you Sarah I would love to attend another course which took me onto the next stage concerning composition as my main problem when sketching in the field knowing what to concentrate on, what to leave out and how to transfer this into my painting

  19. Wow…

    What a lovely experience we had on “The Full Works” 2 day Intro to Watercolour course on the 26th & 27th Oct 2017

    It exceeded our expectations… best money we have spent in a long long time and to top it all we met a really wonderful lovely lady who is just brimming with talent and warm personality.

    So excited about what we now think we can achieve…. our aim is to hone the skills that Sarah taught us and return next year being proficient ‘mixologists’ and “loose and juicy” water-colourists!!

    Really cannot praise this experience enough… so much fun too!

    John and Fran (Housego)

  20. Thanks Sarah for a fabulous weekend at your Watercolour Improvers Workshop. This was my second art weekend with you and it was brilliant. The demonstrations were incredibly useful and you also kept a close eye on what we all did to keep us on course. It was really great that everyone chatted openly about what we struggle with/want to improve and you were able to give us such handy tips. I came home with loads of inspiration and got painting the same evening. I can’t wait for the next one!

  21. I have just had a very rewarding 2 day’s with Sarah on her Improvers course. I started with some trepidation as I wasn’t sure what sort of standard I was or what to expect. I needn’t have worried because Sarah expertly went through much needed basic techniques as well as showing us how to progress. It was intense, absorbing, inspirational and very, very worth while. Thank you to Sarah and my fellow students! I’d love to do some more courses with Sarah and meanwhile have plenty to practice and hone!

  22. Sarah, I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous workshop I attended at Teigngrace last weekend. I have learnt such a great deal and I am looking forward to using my new skills in creating some lovely pictures. I look forward to hopefully learning some more from you very soon!

  23. As an experienced amateur artist who lost his “Mojo” somewhere along the way, I approached the
    four day course with trepidation, I need not have worried. The whole experience was just great,
    an informal group of eight all keen to learn.
    Sarah was lovely, she was funny.
    , clever, patient,and diplomatic ! It was great fun and we all
    Benefited from the experience. I will certainly be coming back Sarah, if only for the delicious
    chocolate biscuits.
    Thanks so much

    Rod. 5.00 pm. 12/10/17

  24. My partner bought me the Beginners water colour course as a birthday present. Her thinking being I have spent my entire working life in engineering so precision is everything to me and this would be a way of getting away from that.
    I can’t thank Sarah enough, I was inspired and astounded at what I produced, to say I am hooked would be an understatement. I ordered my supplies on the Monday and have practised my brush techniques every evening. The supplies arrived today Wednesday and I will be starting an actual painting at the weekend.
    I will be at the follow on course next year.
    Many thanks again Sarah.

  25. My husband and I have just spent an amazing 2 days on Sarah’s Beginners Water Colour course. It didn’t just come up to our expectations, it SURPASSED IT 1000 TIMES!! Sarah is a wonderful and passionate teacher with an enthusiasm which she passes on to her students. We have already decided that we want to come on the next stage so you will be seeing us next year again. Thank you Sarah!

  26. Introduction to watercolour painting.
    WOW what an enjoyable 2 days full of colour .. So amazing the range of colours achieved by mixing just 3 colours.
    Sarah is enthusiastic and passionate teacher .
    Now feel I have the basic tools to start my watercolour painting journey. Just need 3 colours & “ juicy paint brush “ .
    Many thanks we will be back .xxx
    PS A voucher for a workshop would make a great gift .

  27. I recently treated myself to a 2 day water colour course with the very lovely Sarah Bell!
    My only disappointment was that I didn’t book the 4 day course!
    I can’t begin to say how much I enjoyed these 2 days and was most upset when it was over!
    Sarah, the Morab library and a super group of people were the recipe for the most pleasant 2 days I’ve had in a long time! And then, with the encouragement of this super talented lady, I have come away with valuable information and new techniques to enable me to pursue this wonderful new hobby of mine!!
    Thank you so much Sarah.. can’t wait for the next time!

    Ps My colour chart is now my most precious possession! X

  28. I attended a 2 day Beginners Watercolour Workshop with Sarah. The group size was small (8) and the balance between instruction, demonstration and having a go was well-thought out.
    As a complete beginner it was useful for me that Sarah started right from the basics eg how to best load the brush with paint, diluting to the right consistency etc. However she also tried to cater for individual needs for example spending time answering questions about creating light and shade in all media.
    You don’t need any prior experience, so if your confidence in your artistic ability needs boosting I would encourage you to sign up. Also makes a great gift.

    Thanks Sarah, I really enjoyed every minute.

  29. Have just spent another two wonderful days at Teigngrace, on Sarah,s Holiday Sketching.
    Like the other workshops I have been on, we had an inspirational time, learning to sketch quickly with pencil, then a pen, washing in the ink with a great little brush with it,s own water reservoir.
    We used different viewfinders which Sarah had made for everyone, and she showed us how to use them , creating a little picture from a small section of a larger one.. even though we all concentrated hard, it was such FUN. Lovely group of hopeful artists, who all finished wanting to learn lots more.
    Here,s to the next time.
    Thank you Sarah.

  30. There are not enough superlatives to describe your workshops Sarah! The two days sketching was my second workshop and all I can say is an enormous thank you for inspiring and encouraging me especially with those tricky lines and angles which tend to be my nemesis. All your extra tips and suggestions are invaluable and I certainly feel enthused to pick up my pen or pencil to do a three minute sketch every day, although it won’t be quite the same without your humorous asides to make me laugh at myself!

  31. I have just returned from a two day sketch book course in Teigngrace village hall, Newton Abbot.
    Sarah is a very talented artist and a great teacher, I learnt so much and enjoyed every minute of it. The venue was perfect, every one was so friendly, the whole experience was a real joy. Came away feeling much more confident in my approach to sketching and of course my little sketch book which I will cherish and use often. It just went far too quickly. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I am able to attend more of Sarah’s courses. Thank you so much Sarah and I look forward to receiving your update emails.

  32. Fabulous two days with Sarah. Can’t praise the course enough – lovely group of people who were all very supportive. Sarah was a wonderful, patient teacher and we all produced some work to be proud of. Will certainly sign up for another course in the future.

  33. We really enjoyed our two days with Sarah. She was able to keep the whole group together and address individual needs. We learnt a lot about mixing colours and brush work. We were able to put our newly acquired skills into action by painting flowers, fruit and landscapes. All great fun. We are looking forward to attending the next course.

  34. Sarah thank you so much for a wonderful two days. I loved your teaching methods you made everything to clear and your demonstrations were amazing and it made it so easy to transfer to our own water colour painting. I was truly amazed at what I achieved all thanks to your excellent tutoring. I am so looking forward to my sketch book 2 days. I would so recommend this course to anyone who has never painted and wants to learn i travelled down from Manchester and it was very much worth the travel down. The tips you gave us all were so valuable and my Cockeral and sweet peas paintings amazed me that I could achieve such art work. I also loved that you gave me the confidence to just use my brush to draw the outline of what I was painting something I did not not have prior to the attending the beginners workshop.

  35. I attended a Beginners’ Course 19-20 August 2017 and I am not about to retire! I chose it to revise and improve my artist impression skills of building proposals because the course emphasises mastering techniques: mixing all colours from the primaries; working with different paint consistencies and brush strokes; painting wet in wet, and wet on dry; and how to do a flat wash etc. I can adapt the techniques to the kind of presentations I want to do. The teaching method is excellent. Everything is demonstrated first – in a fun way too. If you want to draw a chicken you start with a cat. You’ll have to attend a course to see how that pans out!

  36. Sarah’s Beginners Workshop was perfect for me, even though I’ve dabbled in watercolour painting for years at adult education classes. Her fresh approach , direct and simple instruction meant that all of us were able to end up with finished work of which we could be proud. The instruction was straightforward, inspiring confidence and the results never failed to please, and with a great group of people. I wish I’d come on her course years ago and will be excited to go on another.

  37. I’ve just finished my second and third workshops with Sarah. As before, I’ve come away totally enthused. The venue was great with good light and views across the river. I really appreciate having the materials supplied too.
    Sarah’s workshops are not “Here’s a picture. Get on and paint it.” Instead she guides us through the hows and whys of watercolour painting with skill, friendliness and a big dose of humour. I’ve come away with plenty of techniques and skills to practise, as well as leaflets to help me remember them.
    Sarah’s such a good teacher and now I’m planning for my next workshop with her – I want to do them all!

  38. 1 day sketching course and 2 day painting for improvers course.

    I needed to have some help to loosen up my paintings and to have more confidence to draw and paint from first hand observation rather than from photographs. The 3 days spent with Sarah in Truro were really helpful and have regenerated my enthusiasm. I gained enormously from the sketching course and feel more prepared and comfortable to select, compose and add tone and depth to my sketches. The painting course reinforced many of the basic techniques but also helped me to experience a completely different style of painting, exactly what i wanted. I had become too precise, and fiddly and produced paintings that were too photographic. Sarah’s approach will encourage me to use colour more vibrantly and to become much looser in my style. The colour mixing session was invaluable as I have now binned many of the tubes of paint that were confusing me and have decided to use a smaller range of prime colours to mix different shades. I will choose subjects more carefully and get out of the habit of trying to paint almost everything I can see, often from a landscape photograph.

    Above all, the courses were fun, and relaxed, testament to Sarah’s infectious enthusiasm, personality, patience and great skills in delivering the course in an interactive way, enabling all attendees to benefit from her knowledge, expertise and positive feedback.

    Thank you immensely .Sarah (and the other members of both courses!)

  39. I have just spent a really enjoyable three days, firstly, one day on preparing a sketch book – which was such fun – and then a two day watercolour improver course. I learned more in these three days than in have in several years of watching YouTube and experimenting at home and I wish I had come across Sarah sooner! The class atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. Sarah is a very gifted teacher – I love her pared down approach to equipment and her colour mixing technique was a revelation. We had many practical tips on composition, on taking good reference photos and demonstrations backed up with useful notes. I have come away with a huge amount to think about and feel truly inspired to put all that I have learned into practice. Highly recommended

  40. This is a great course for giving you the confidence either to start painting again or to take it up for the first time. Sarah wears her technical expertise lightly and you learn a lot without even realising it! Her skills as a teacher and her love of her subject mean she can quickly bring together very different individuals so they enjoy working as a group. After many years, I have my old enthusiasm for painting back again and look forward to learning more from Sarah at future workshops (no pressure, just pleasure!)

  41. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for a happy and inspirational weekend I didn’t know three tubes of paint would result in such a myriad of colour and tone nor the exciting effects the paint would make. An amazing workshop. BRILLIANT. Now looking for the follow on workshop.

    Eileen Easterbrook

  42. I arrived at Sarah’s Beginner’s Workshop with no expectations – I haven’t painted since school decades ago, no natural talent detected but I loved it! Sarah’s enthusiasm and expertise combined with a small and supportive group of pupils resulted in a fabulous weekend.

    I can’t recommend it highly enough. You don’t need to have painted before to benefit from the relaxing time spent mixing colours and putting brush to paper.

  43. I was very apprehensive about doing this course. I haven’t picked up a paintbrush since being at school……..longer ago than I care to remember, It turned out to be a wonderful experience. Sarah’s patience, humour and enthusiasm are completely infectious! I arrived thinking “I can’t” and left saying ‘I can’. I learnt so much in two days and am inspired to continue to paint. Thank you, Sarah.

  44. Well, after being in two minds whether this course was right for me and doubting myself with how well or not I would do, I can say, without a doubt, this was the best course I have done. Not only was the group I was with all fabulous people who where thinking exactly the same as myself, but Sarah makes the whole two days fun; easy to learn; she’s able to explain it in simple terms, and she is very kind hearted. I am so overly happy to have done this two day course: the methods shown help you realise it’s the simplest of things that have the biggest effect. I will definitely be going to do another course with her as soon as possible! I highly recommend it to everyone! Thank you so much Sarah for your patience and help xxx

  45. Whenever has learning been this much fun? I had a wonderful 2 days, really enjoyable and yet we learned so much .It was a lovely group of ladies (wouldn’t mind going with them again) and Sarah is so much fun and very encouraging. She really knows her stuff and has the ability to impart that knowledge to us. I shall be going again.Highly recommended!

  46. Just wanted to say if you’re thinking of ‘having a go’ at watercolour painting course, this is a definite must. From the 1st mixing of primary colours, which really is worth doing, and being taught how to use one brush in several easy strokes to produce something that resembles a recognisable object…..I was thrilled! Sarah, you’ve given me the confidence to get going.
    My husband will say you’ve created a Monster! But a really happy one. Thankyou.

  47. Had a great time doing the water and reflections workshop. Sarah is enthusiastic but the pace was just right and tailored to us. The written notes were much appreciated. A variety of different ideas and techniques were packed in to two days. I can’t wait to try some of them out again and am going to have to invest in a bigger paint brush!

  48. I have just come back from the beginners watercolour course. What a wonderful two days! The group was lovely and supportive and Sarah found exactly the right balance of Tell Show and Do for us all to gain confidence. As someone who faced a blank piece of paper with fear and trepidation, Sarah’s patience and easily followed steps to producing an actual piece of art, was a revelation and I can’t wait to go again to the next step. In fact the first thing I did on my return was to book another course!

  49. The two day course “Full works intro to watercolour” on 10th/11th June 2017 was amazing! Sarah is extremely talented, experienced and inspirational. She rapidly converted nine individuals into a cohesive group willing to learn and produce the very best they could. I can’t wait for the follow up course in August.

  50. Have just come back from my second two day course with Sarah. What a wonderful two days. it was a small group in Truro in a room overlooking the cricket field as the rain lashed outside It was such fun, lots of interesting work and very absorbing. I learnt lots of techniques, lots of ways to depict reflections, looked at some wonderful art.
    Most importantly the atmosphere Sarah creates is so positive, so encouraging. I leave with a wonderful boost to my self confidence and a preparedness to go out and experiment and try and create and have more fun. Thank you

  51. My aim was to take time out from a busy life to learn how to create a beautiful splodge, that’s it.

    The reality was rather different… far beyond anything I could have hoped for. After 2 hours on Sarah’s Watercolours for Beginners course I was in a zen-like state of calm and then the magic happened. I was painting!

    With Sarah’s help, and support from my lovely fellow students I’ve found my inner artist, and can’t wait to come back for more. Thank you.

  52. Having entered the studio with much trepidation, I left two days later full of inspiration. I cannot believe how much that I learnt over the past two days, the time flew by and as an absolute beginner I was delighted to return home with a sheaf of my efforts. The group was small, friendly and not at all intimidating; in fact it was full of laughter. Sarah is a vivacious, patient and inspirational teacher. I travelled alone, all the way from London to Truro and had a wonderful relaxing two days. I love to fill my life with positive experiences and memories and this definitely ticked all the boxes. I can’t wait to return for another course and would highly recommended Sarah; she is a wonderful, positive tutor.

  53. What an inspirational two days – the landscape workshop at Teingrace Village Hall so secluded and peaceful – Sarah has a wealth of talent which she is able to give out to her students,and is so encouraging if you happen not to get it right first time. Thank you Sarah I invested in “the three colours” the next day from an art shop in Ottery St Mary and had a glorious time painting the weir. Next time I will try to get to Truro.

  54. My son and I both enjoyed the Beginners Workshop last weekend very much indeed. Sarah is the most patient and thorough teacher and provided all of us with what we need to build our own skills on a sound foundation. We now all know how to mix the colours we need, the quality of the materials we require, how to form all the brush strokes we need, using only one brush, and how to put thing right when they go wrong!

    I cannot imagine how it would be possible to better spend six hours learning about the fundamentals of painting watercolours than to enroll on this course.

  55. Just spent a very enjoyable 2 days with Sarah on one of her courses. I have been on one of her day courses before and have now booked on another. Sarah is a very talented artist who is also an excellent tutor. I wish I could have weekly lessons with her. 🙂

  56. What a talented and inspiring teacher. Sarah doesn’t put any pressure on you to achieve but you do because she is so enthusiastic. I picked up many practical and interesting tips on the two day Watercolour course and I can’t wait to get all my materials together and start painting. Sarah creates a relaxed but structured atmosphere to work in and best of all she makes it fun. Giving a time limit to paint something is such a good idea as it makes you get on with it and you have something to show at the end. I am looking forward to doing more courses. Thank you very much.

  57. After two blissful days in the company of such lovely people in a delightful old school house in Teigngrace, I am buzzing with renewed enthusiasm for watercolour paintimg. Everybody learnt new skills and was thrilled with the work we produced under Sarah’s expert guidance. Who knew that you only need 3 colours and one “big juicy ” brush full of paint to make every beautiful translucent colour you ever need? Sarah is a joy to be with, the course is well prepared and resourced and great fun.

  58. Thank you Sarah for the last 2 days. I have brushed up on knowledge I already had and learnt a ton of new things too! The atmosphere you create is one of laughter, pure enjoyment, inspirational learning and the feeling of wanting more, more, more! You are quite a lady…. ridiculously gifted but also an impressive business woman! Do you sleep at all? !!!

  59. Just returned from such an informative, enjoyable and fun two day Watercolour for Beginners workshop. I am a (poorly) self-taught painter but I learnt so much about colour mixing and brush technique. Sarah tailored her tuition as required to each participant’s different queries, and inspired me to do more. I would highly recommend this course for those with or without some previous experience .

  60. I spend a wonderful weekend with Sarah who is an extremely enthusiastic and bubbly teacher. You can’t help but enjoy yourself and leave the course feeling inspired. I learnt a lot especially about wet in wet technique which I have tried to master for many years and now feel more confident.
    Thank you for a great time. I will certainly book future courses with you.

  61. I recently attended a beginner’s watercolour course. Sarah is a wonderful teacher, warm, funny, friendly and encouraging. She is also immensely talented. I was impressed at how well organised the workshop was, and how Sarah kept us on schedule without ever making us feel rushed, as a dreadful procrastinator this was such a gift. The workshop notes will keep me on track till I book a second course. Money well spent, highly recommended.

  62. Have just enjoyed a super weekend at the intro to watercolours workshop. Sarah is brilliant and is very patient repeating instructions and very hands on if at anytime you get stuck or unsure. I had attended several courses with various tutors and was really confused, and not sure if I could paint everything. I had totally lost confidence and lost oomph to want to even get out my paints. Sarah has restored my confidence and has shown me why unexpected things happen! I can’t wait to get out all my paints again and simplify all the materials I have and get back to basics. The style of painting and teaching – loose and juicy is liberating and allows even a non artist to be expressive. Excellent, could not have been better, definitely want to go again, and learn more. 2 days is just not enough.

  63. Having attended your Full Works Watercolour workshop last week I would like to thank you so much for the inspiration and guidance!

    Basic instruction on brush stroke technique was particularly useful to me as I am self-taught and out of date and know I need to practice that (especially moving from shoulder) to produce the leaf structure you showed so effortlessly! I liked your approach to handling the paint and colour and the way you noted our interests across the group and adapted the agenda to what we had expressed interest in or shortcomings in our knowledge. This is something you must have spent some time working on in preparation for the workshop. It was a very relaxed, constructive and creative environment and I would have no hesitation about coming on another of your workshops, having absorbed and practised what you have already taught us.

  64. A thoroughly enjoyable course in a relaxed and informative style. Thank you for being so supportive Sarah and helping us all move on with understanding watercolour. We all had different experiences of painting but you led us on with lots of ideas and techniques at just the right level. I learnt so much and will definitely ‘have a go’ with watercolours now. It was a lovely atmosphere and the two days just went in a flash. Thank you so much Sarah, I feel inspired.

  65. Sarah thanks for Drawing for Duffers Day.. I learned a lot, as usual and would love to have it as a 2 day course to get even more practice and more helpful tips.The session was very well prepared as usual and well resourced. Can’t wait for the art week in Truro. Please e mail me when you have the date

  66. As a complete novice, Sarah has given me the confidence to start painting. She was so patient and gave clear instruction that works!
    Off to buy the three colours, and one brush that will stand me in good stead to start producing art work for my own pleasure. Many thanks Sarah, hope to come back for a drawing class some time soon.

  67. I attended the Drawing for Duffers day on 11th April. Sarah is inspirational and facilitated me achieving what I thought wasn’t possible. It was a fantastic day during which Sarah gave lots of help and encouragement. I loved it.

  68. Sometimes, all you need is that one good tutor who really sees what you’ve been struggling with, and gives you some clear and specific pointers to make a huge difference, not only to the outcome of that particular piece of work, but to your understanding of how to proceed. Sarah has a special gift as that one good tutor – with all her experience and hard work, she keeps the whole experience exciting, fun and insightful. I feel very grateful, I learnt so much in a few short hours.

  69. Thank you Sarah for creating an amazing day when. I attended your painting from photos workshop in Teigngrace.
    As always you packed the day full of helpful information, hints and tips.
    Your enthusiasm was contagious, the setting was lovely and I left uplifted and full of painting ideas.
    Thank you so much.

  70. Had a really inspiring time at Sarah’s two day course at Teigngrace on 18-19th March 2017 : having not drawn or painted anything for two years I really learned a lot and gained confidence. Booked another course before I left and am looking forward to it immensely. Sarah had a great rapport with all the group : she was very good at demystifying the subject and her enthusiasm was infectious. I would highly recommend her courses to anyone, who like me, really wants to develop their ( in my case very rusty and basic) skills. Brilliant all round!!!

  71. Had another good workshop with Sarah at Teigngrace and came away feeling satisfied and knowing how to paint the essentials from a photograph. As usual Sarah provided everything and with her usual style gave us a lot of encouragement. With notes provided and being able to photo her demos, I’ve got a lot of useful stuff to help in the future. Thanks Sarah.

  72. Sarah thanks so much for the improving your painting in any medium course. It was really inspirational and opened my eyes to so many painting styles. I particularly liked the shade and light section and altering images to give you the painting you want, not just copying someone else’s images.Thanks for the tips at the end about photo cropping and editing on the I pad and phone. Whoever knew you could do that
    Thanks for the serious amount of time you must have spent preparing the course. It was so very professional as always. I am so looking forward to the Drawing for Duffers course as I simply can’t draw and I’m sure the tips will be invaluable. I’ve bought the book you recommended , have done 3 exercises and can understand why it’s so highly thought of. See you on the 11th April

    • It’s always a pleasure to have you on a course, Chris. Yes, you’re right: it did take an age to prepare but it was definitely all worth it. I was really buzzing seeing the results that you all produced. Looking forward to the Drawing Day!

  73. Never been to a workshop before so wasn’t sure what to expect. It was great, lovely people, mixed bunch and felt very relaxed from the beginning. Sarah was really well organised, tea and coffee on arrival! But we didn’t slack. Have been doing water colours for a few years but with no confidence and the course was to improve our water colours. We learned lots of techniques, some things like composition and shading I thought I already knew but didn’t! Thankyou Sarah, I can’t wait to put everything into practice. Irene

    • I laughed when I read that you said you learned things you thought you knew but didn’t! Even I feel like that when I’m teaching!
      It was great to meet you and help you on your art journey. Keep putting it into practise…

  74. I’ve just had 2 wonderful one on one sessions with Sarah and have been amazed at the beautiful results in such a short time. Sarah is a lovely teacher, very welcoming and warm and easy to get on with. I am a complete beginner, having never picked up a brush in my life and Sarah managed to give simple, easy to follow tips and guidelines to enable me to make some paintings to be proud of. It was great to be able to take some time out of a very hectic life to slow down and do something for myself. I found the whole experience very relaxing and therapeutic, even the mixing of the paint and blending of the colours was absorbing in itself and I ended the course feeling refreshed in myself. If you’re thinking of trying this I would advise you to just go for it – you’ll be amazed!

    • Paula,
      It was lovely spending time with you for your one-to-one tuition days at my studio. You picked it up all so quickly: I was most impressed! Hope you’ll be able to carve some time out of your busy schedule to come back and learn even more… Happy Painting!

  75. I have just spent 2 terrific and exhilarating days with Sarah, and a lovely group of people, at the Making Better Paintings workshop. We looked at colour, composition, light and shade and negative space. I loved it even though I found myself well out of my comfort zone at times. I came away with lots of information, delivered with huge enthusiasm by Sarah, lots of ideas, increased confidence and understanding that I am in charge of the painting, not the other way round! I produced a painting in style and use of colour I would never have done before….and best of all the weekend was great fun. Thank you Sarah, I will definitely be back.

    • It was an absolute pleasure to have you on the course, Jane. I don’t know who was more excited about the work you did: you or me!
      I’ll look forward to welcoming you back soon.

  76. Sarah is an inspiration and an amazing teacher, so enthusiastic and passionate about what she does. I have learned so much that I did not know, that I feel will really help me develop as an artist. I cannot recommend her enough! Can’t wait to book my next workshop! Thank you Sarah 😁

    • Thankyou for your lovely comments, Helen. You are a real pleasure to teach and I’m really enjoying seeing you grow into the artist that was already there inside.

  77. I recently attended the watercolour workshop on gardens and I really enjoyed it. It was well prepared with all I needed already set up and even my name on my painting board. I was the least experienced in the group but I felt totally relaxed and Sarah was on hand to give advice when it was needed. It was amazing to see that so many colours can be made from only 3 tubes of paint! It is a joy to watch Sarah paint and I would highly recommend doing one of her workshops. The venue was lovely too.

  78. Our second watercolour workshop with Sarah, on depicting Gardens, was an unmitigated success. Held in the picturesque Devon village of Teigngrace, the village hall was an ideal classroom with a relaxed atmosphere, lots of light and space inside and a country garden to study composition and tone outside (and plenty of parking). Once again Sarah’s tutorial skills, energy and enthusiasm inspired and propelled both the more experienced and the novices to produce vibrant paintings – ours (one experienced and one novice) are proudly on display at home! Her impressive watercolour demonstrations, clarity of advice and endless good humour added great value to the day and we left tired, but happy and enlightened. We’re looking forward to our next workshop!

  79. Another wonderful workshop weekend, painting flowers and gardens. Sarah is a brilliant teacher, giving confidence and inspiration.
    I still have the sheet of colour blending from 3colours, done quite a while ago. Each workshop is such fun ,and everyone learns quickly in a lovely atmosphere.
    Look forward to the next one!

  80. I went on the two days flowers and gardens watercolour workshop and absolutely loved it! Sarah is a fantastic teacher and artist and I learned a lot of different tips and techniques. Sarah gives you a thorough hands on demonstration of how to construct a watercolour painting. Would thoroughly recommend her classes to everyone and already have my next one booked! 🙂

  81. I travelled to Devon from Birmingham to attend Sarah’s flowers and gardens workshops …and Wow was it worth it!! Three tubes of paint and a brush,and Sarah produces the most beautiful art. It amazed me how easy she made it look. If you fancy a relaxing day in a lovely friendly atmosphere I urge you to sign up for a workshop, you won’t regret it. Sarah you are a superstar 🌷

  82. Thank you Sarah.
    Your clever approach to palette and some innovative projects has definitely given me the step change I needed in confidence and enthusiasm for water colour.
    A relaxed and productive 3 days that I would definitely recommend as a beginner or seasoned painter.
    Great fun. Thanks


  83. A really useful and enjoyable day! From the initial colour mixing experiments to painting watercolours of crabs, flowers and landscapes, Sarah demonstrated, inspired and advised us whilst always keeping the tempo that ensured everyone gained in confidence and produced their best pieces on time. Sarah is an acclaimed artist and an excellent teacher. My wife, who has painted since childhood, got a great deal from the day; my one regret was not taking notes to complement our handouts. We certainly hope to attend a specialised workshop in due course; thank you Sarah.

  84. I visited Poldark Country to attend an Art Workshop with the delightful and wonderfully talented Sarah Bell.

    Having thoroughly enjoyed group Water Colour Workshops with Sarah earlier this year I came up with the idea of wanting to paint a picture for my son’s big 40!

    To have one to one tuition with Sarah was extra special as I lacked the confidence whether I could actually carry out the assignment I had set myself.

    Sarah’s encouragement and friendly approach meant that I came away with a painting which I was pleased which was fully mounted, framed and ready to hang on the wall.

    I also gained a huge sense of satisfaction, had fun, and who knows: created a family heirloom?!!

  85. I had the most fantastic day on the Indroduction to Watercolours day. I learnt more in the first hour than I have ever learnt. Sarah is so enthusiastic and talented and she gave me the skills and techniques to be able to produce pictures that I never thought I would ever be able to do.
    Thank you and I am already saving up to come on another course!!

  86. I really enjoyed the Watercolour Taster Day in the Old Bakery Studios in Truro on Saturday. I arrived with enthusiasm but no knowledge or skill and left with even more enthusiasm plus knowledge plus some skills to practice with. The venue is very conducive to creativity, and easily accessible by foot or by car.
    Sarah is a talented teacher and her enthusiasm shines through the well thought out and well structured day.
    Her approach ensured that a newbie like me learned easily and others in the group who had eg 17 years experience also added to their knowledge. I keep looking at my ‘Stormy’ painting and still can’t believe I actually painted it . I lok forward to attending more of Sarah’s workshops in the near future..

  87. The day whizzed by – so many tips on techniques, colours and materials! Sarah provided good quality brushes, paints and paper to work with and showed how easy it was to get started. Sarah made it clear from the start there was no need for expensive outlay! The Old Bakery was a good choice of venue and is easy to get to. Truro made a good base for the weekend with plenty of places to stay and to eat. Next time we will travel by train, as there is need for a car. Sarah is not only a fabulous artist but a great teacher. Amazing value. We wish Sarah every success with her move to Cornwall. Thank you so much x

  88. I recently attended 2 days at Sarah’s beginner Watercolour and Easy flowers workshop in Teigngrace. Colour mixing, brush technique, composition and demonstrations. Sarah is a wonderful teacher and a superb host, helping everyone to be at ease and produce something to be proud of. A very enjoyable weekend – Thank You Sarah

  89. Sarahs’ lessons are a revelation! Whether you are a beginner or more experienced you will be so glad you went. Inspirational, educational and enormous fun, thanks to lovely Sarah.

      • My son and I had 3 of the most delightful days. Sarah showed us a different side to watercolours which was much more user friendly and adaptable. Her lovely bubbly personality coupled with her professionalism and patience inspired us both to go on and do more . During the course I so wanted some of my friends to also experience what we were doing. Painting teachers of Sarah’s calibre are few and far between. I hope she will soon find her niche in and around Truro. I can truly say new students have a treat waiting for them.

  90. Another fabulous workshop with Sarah! Lovely friendly group. Such a pretty setting in Teigngrace and it was a joy to paint flowers and gardens in the tranquil setting. Thank you Sarah picked up more tips and it’s always fascinating to watch you at work. Looking forward to learning more with you in the near future

  91. I was given a beginners watercolour course with Sarah as a gift . Being someone who has never used watercolours and cannot draw I started the day with considerable trepidation . However Sarah’s relaxed , fun ,friendly and passionate approach soon helped my anxiety to reduce . Ended up having a wonderful , inspirational day which I thoroughly enjoyed . I will definitely be back for more , thank you Sarah .

  92. Dear Sarah
    Thanks so much for the first 2 days, of 3 of painting boats and water
    Who knew painting boats was even possible. Add to this the fact that we painted outside and I am flabbergasted.
    Your mastery of the medium, love of colour, especially red, and the ability to pass on this love to others is inspirational
    I can’t wait for tomorrow and the future courses I will do
    Please keep in mind a drawing for duffers day or even two
    Best wishes

  93. A fabulous Beginners Watercolour weekend in early June with Sarah. Her love of watercolour painting is matched by her ability to impart that love to total novices. A bright, bubbly tutor, full of tips and so happy to pass on her knowledge. I can’t wait to do more classes with her.

  94. Thank you Sarah for a wonderful painting holiday in Shaldon.

    The 4 day workshop was fun and relaxed in a beautiful studio with stunning views and great company. Sarah is a patient and inspiring teacher and I was definitely a more confident painter when I left, thanks to Sarah’s encouragement and endless good humour.

    I can’t wait to return !

  95. Relaxed, fun, creative and inspiring. Perfect atmosphere to kindle dormant enthusiasm for observation and creativity with no pressure. Sarah is lovely – and her paintings are refreshingly pure.

  96. Thank you Sarah. A great welcome and very helpful, informative tuition. I did the one-day introductory taster day and followed up with two days ‘Next Steps’. They were a birthday present and one of the best I’ve had.

  97. Sarah is an inspiring teacher reaching everyone in the group at their own level. Her enthusiasm enabled each of us to produce individual work in comfortable and supportive surroundings. It was the perfect course to send you home buzzing with excitement and the desire to paint more, I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough, she is an outstanding tutor. Thank you for a great 2 days.

  98. Thank you for a wonderful two days it was brilliant and I learned loads and was amazed how it is beginning to come together. Looking forward to the next steps in April

  99. Thank you Sarah, I’ve just spent the weekend on a two day watercolour course, not only was it blissful having some ‘me’ time, but the wonderful setting and good company made for wonderfully peaceful learning environment. Sarah has a very calming aura and waves her magic wand, allowing us all to suddenly produce art to be proud of. I would recommend her to all my friends, infact I think Sarah should be prescribed on the NHS!
    P.S Thanks also to Nigel for the very lovely lunches and endless cuppa’s.

  100. What a fun filled, fabulous 2 days on Sarah’s ‘Next Steps to Watercolour’ course. This was a gift to me for Christmas, and to have experienced such wonderful, positive feedback, support and company; that I will never forget, is just magical. I will be sending a card with one of my paintings on it to my son and daughter-in-law as I was truly pleased with it. I have been inspired, thank you Sarah, to continue my painting and have set up a spare room to use whenever I have a few minutes or hours even (already used), and look forward to attending another workshop with Sarah in the near future. (22nd February 2016)

  101. I attended Sarah’s one day Watercolour Taster Day at Sampsons Farm – I had previously tried to learn basic skills from a book. On reflection, I have to say that for a one day course, the outcomes exceeded my expectations. Sarah created a relaxed, friendly and supportive learning environment – perfect for raw beginners who might feel slightly ‘insecure’ about their artistic ability! The course was well structured and followed a natural path from basic colour mixing through to brush technique and practical exercises. To top it all, the food was excellent and coffee and biscuits were served at convenient points throughout the day. My overall assessment of the Watercolour Taster Day is “Excellent.”

  102. I went on the one day Introductory session. The ground covered in a day was amazing.
    If you are at nervous about being ‘the one who can’t paint’ or whatever….don’t be, as the day was fun and relaxing. Go to enjoy yourself — you really will.

  103. My Mum and I had a wonderful time at the recent Taster Watercolour day. The tuition, and patience with us beginners, was second to none. We have come away relaxed and inspired. Thank you Sarah. Excellent lunch also.

  104. Lesley and I have just returned from Sarah’s 2 day introduction to watercolour course. (Lesley’s Christmas present to me). We were both somewhat dubious of our ability to learn this subject, but were amazed how quickly we produced results we were proud of. With Sarah’s enthusiastic and expert tuition we were quickly into ‘sploshing’ paint onto paper. No talent for sketching required, no knowledge of perspective needed, just straight into mixing colours. The whole weekend was a lot of fun. The stay at Samsons was also very enjoyable. Thoroughly recommend this course and staying at Sampsons.

  105. For someone, like me, who didn’t really know where to start or what to do first when it comes to watercolours, Sarah’s 2-day introduction course was perfect. She showed us how we could all get going with a few simple materials, and she gave us the confidence to put brush to paper. Her enthusiasm was infectious, her own artistic skill was wonderful and, with her encouragement and tuition, we were all ‘flying’.

  106. Just spent a memorable weekend with the amazing Sarah Bell, thought I was rubbish with watercolour but with Sarah’s guidance I was able to create lovely pieces of art that I am actually very proud of. We were introduced to the basic techniques of watercolour that any aspiring artist would find invaluable. Sarah has inspired me to keep practicing and develop my skills further.
    I also stayed at Sampsons Farm B&B and could not have received a better welcome, a special mention must go to Luke who went out of his way to make our stay comfortable. The room was clean and comfortable and the breakfast was delicious. For anyone looking to discover their artistic skills, I would recommend the watercolour tuition by Sarah Bell. This was also enhanced by the lovely welcome at Sampson’s Farm B&B.

  107. I have just returned from a great weekend Beginners Course in Watercolours. Believe me – there is safety in numbers! Safety to explore a part of you that might have been previously undiscovered; safety to meet new people and safety to bring home a few pretty good paintings, produced under the expert guidance and encouragement of Sarah. I will be back in May. Thank you!

  108. Just come home from Sarah’s two day beginners water colour workshop. Thank you so much for a very informative and inspirational two days. Can’t believe how much we achieved in two days. Sarah strikes the right balance between informative, instructional, organised and creative.. No time is wasted , confidence is supported and I came away feeling that there is a whole new world waiting for me. And Sarah is such a lovely person. Thank you to Sarah and to the group who I was fortunate enough to share this course with.

  109. Had a thoroughly enjoyable day at Sarah’s watercolour pencils workshop. She is highly organised so that you get the maximum out of the time you have. Inspiring use of these pencils which were a new medium for me. Sarah is a joy to work with, being full of enthusiasm and creativity. I look forward to spending more time at her workshops.
    Many thanks Sarah.

  110. Spent another informative and fun day at Sarah’s watercolour pencil workshop learning how to get the best from what i had previously mainly only used as a crayon and found the WOW factor when used properly. Went home full of lovely ideas for christmas cards and enthusiasm to take them en plein air asap. Thankyou again Sarah.

  111. Recently attended the one day beginners workshop. Slightly apprehensive as never painted since my school days and am not at all artistic. It was really interesting and has given me a good insight into the watercolour world. Sarah is so easy to listen to and inspires you with her passion for painting.

  112. Had a lovely time on the one day watercolour pencil day yesterday. Didn’t realise watercolour pencils produced some fabulous colours and are so versatile. Fabulous day Sarah, you always make things look so easy and explain things so well! We made several Christmas cards and I am goi g to make some more, they look so cute.
    Thank you.
    Look forward to receiving your list of workshops for 2016

  113. Another thoroughly enjoyable workshop with Sarah. Having struggled with water colour pencils in the past , I now feel that I can use them with confidence . In addition I have some wonderful ideas for Christmas cards.Thank you Sarah.

  114. I can highly recommend any course at Sampsons Farm with Sarah Bell. I attended a two day beginners watercolour course with a wonderful group and enjoyed two fun filled days of learning from a fabulous tutor amid much laughter. Enjoyed the workshop so much booked again for a watercolour pencil workshop.

  115. If you’re desperate to paint and have no idea where to start, then Sarah Bell is the tutor for you, and Samson’s Farm is the idyllic location.
    Sarah is a complete delight and her enthusiasm for watercolours is infectious. Our whole group marvelled at their own new found skills with paint and brush, thanks to Sarah’s simple, yet effective techniques.
    Nigel, Luke and the rest of the Samson’s Farm team, made us feel so welcome and served up some scrumptious lunches and spoilt us with afternoon cakes. We had such a good time that we’re already planning our next course. Thank you for a great couple of days.

  116. What a fabulous two day watercolour workshop.!
    On arrival we were greeted with coffee or tea and an opportunity to introduce ourselves.
    I had done some art before but that was donkey’s years ago so felt I wanted to start at beginners level.
    We learnt such a lot from Sarah who is such a natural and talented teacher. She made it fun as well as very imformative. All got individual attention as well as a group.
    The lunch was delicious and time just flew by.
    I was fortunate enough to stay overnight at Sampsons Farm. Hospitality was second to none. I can’t wait to return!!

  117. Going to one of Sarah Bell’s watercolour classes is a revelation. Talk about enthusiasm!!
    I learned more in our two day course than in the last 10 years of trying to paint and I wish I had gone to see her when I first started.
    We learned how to mix paint and more importantly how much to mix and to do it before you start.
    This has changed my life. I was trying to bang a six inch nail in with a toffee hammer.
    Just a few basic, now with hindsight, commonsense rules and I’m off.
    Thanks a million Sarah

    • You do make me laugh, Richard! It was such a pleasure to have you along to the workshop, and that you found it so useful. Thankyou for your own enthusiasm too! Sarah

  118. Spent two fabulous days on Sarah’s two day watercolour workshop, days filled with fun, laughter and learning sooooo many new ways with watercolour, colour and brush control. Inspiring and left filled with new enthusiasm. Looking forward to a journey with watercolour pencils early in December. Thankyou very much Sarah.

  119. Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone! One of the things I love the most is to share my skills and enthusiasm for art with my students. “If you love something pass it on,” I think….

  120. Two weeks since I did the beginners Watercolour Workshop and I’m still trying to ‘come down’! I couldn’t have picked a better place to start what hopefully will be a journey into the world of Art. (Have been into photography for the past 15 years and fancied a change!) It was all magic to me and Sarah was like a magician. One brush, 3 colours and voila. Brilliant. I’m now stocked up with ‘numerous’ supplies and ready to practice, practice, practice.

    Thank you Sarah, look forward to our next meeting… after a bit more practice! x

    • What lovely comments, Kathy. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Are you still doing lots of painting?
      Have a good summer,

  121. We had the most enjoyable and instructive two days learning to draw. Sarah you
    are an excellent teacher.

  122. As a total beginner with no experience of painting or drawing, but looking for a way to de stress , I have just returned from a fabulous 3 days with Sarah. Her teaching was inspirational, even I managed to produce something my family thought wasn’t too bad! As a primary head teacher I wish all my staff could have this experience. As an inspector I’d rate the teaching as outstanding. A fantastic experience, I’m already booked for the next school holiday!

  123. I came to the workshop as a total novice and had a really inspiring day, learning the basics of watercolour painting. Sarah is a wonderful teacher, making it fun as well as educational. I shall certainly persevere and hope to come to more workshops in the future.

  124. Spent an amazing day with a wonderful group of people attending “watercolours for beginners”. Under the very skilful guidance of Sarah. Who’d have thought so many colours could be made by mixing and blending just 3 colours. We were made to feel at ease straight away, having fantastic, clear instructions and some fab demos. After a day of fun and laughter and wonderful tuition I managed to produce a piece of art work that I was proud to take home ( even if the family did ask, “did you really do that?).
    Also well looked after by Nigel and his staff.
    Thank you, I will be back with friends next time.

  125. This was my first workshop in water colour for beginners, it was exactly what I needed. Sarah made it look so easy but achievable. her teaching style is comfortable, friendly and professional. Overall a very rewarding day.

  126. Wow! what a fantastic day. I Went on beginners workshop….. beginner is putting it mildly!
    Sarah made it so easy to understand the wonderful principles of watercolor painting! To my amazement I managed to complete a reasonable picture of cherry blossom!
    I shall defiantly be going again to find out more about this wonderful medium of art.
    Thank you so much Sarah, what an amazing teacher!
    Not forgetting the wonderful food from Nigel and staff….. thank you!
    Seni xx

  127. I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘watercolours for beginners’ workshop. Plenty of learning with brilliant tutoring, combined with fun and practical exercises. I was very happy with the results at the end of the day and very much enjoyed the tasty lunch and plentiful teas and coffees too! Highly recommended and looking forward to my next workshop.

  128. It was inspirational! Sarah demonstrated different techniques and made it all look so easy. She spent time with everyone, building their confidence. With each new technique there was a handout explaining all the details (useful at home). We talked of composition, form and colour with the helpful eye of our tutor, who was genuinely pleased with our attempts. I have signed up for another session.

  129. The day started in Sampsons Restaurant over morning coffee. It gave us all a chance to relax, which was very reassuring. Sarah put everyone at ease with her lovely, bubbly personality. Sarah’s instruction was very clear, and backed up with well prepared notes for everyone. In the afternoon, the full extent of Sarah’s experience and expertise became apparent. She seemed to find almost unlimited time for each of us, coming round regularly to offer help and support. There was no pressure, yet I was constantly aware that I was learning. It was very therapeutic. I’ve already booked another course.

  130. What a fantastic workshop! I attended the 2 day Watercolours for Beginners course and have been wonderfully inspired. Sarah is a brilliant tutor and explains everything so clearly. I was amazed at the pictures I produced over the two days. We were a group of seven and all got on so well, it was a lovely way to learn. Will definitely be on another course in the near future. Thanks Sarah
    (13/06/2013 12:43)

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