Basil and Rocket, our Pygmy Goats

It will not have escaped the notice of any visitors to Sampsons Farm Hotel in the past eight months that we now have two resident Pygmy Goats. Basil and Rocket (so named because their house is near the herb garden,) are terribly charming, but as my farming mother in law foretold before they arrived, they

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how to paint farm animals

image of brown cow, south devon cow, watercolour painting technique by sarah bell

This is one of my favourite weeks when I stay at someone else’s hotel (for a change!); the Sidholme Hotel in Sidmouth,   and teach a four day workshop. Despite the truly horrible weather outdoors, we are all cosied up inside this beautiful Regency Gothic hotel having a great time. This week the focus is

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Chocolate Cake

Behold! The fourth cake I’ve baked this week, and I’m really going to have to slow the pace of the amount of baking going on in this house or I shall start to become an OCD baker. This is the second chocolate cake of the week; a Mary Berry recipe, filled with cherry jam and

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