Chocolate Cake

Behold! The fourth cake I’ve baked this week, and I’m really going to have to slow the pace of the amount of baking going on in this house or I shall start to become an OCD baker. This is the second chocolate cake of the week; a Mary Berry recipe, filled with cherry jam and fresh cream. This one I made to take to my sister in law’s to say thankyou for the invitation to Sunday Lunch.


Last week I baked a Victoria Sandwich; chocolate and banana muffins and another chocolate cake filled with cherries and chocolate for the Family Watercolour Taster days I taught last week. They were great fun and I’m not sure which was more popular; the watercolours or the cake. It’s just such a shame how home made cake disappears so quickly. (Or perhaps not: it wouldn’t be a such a great recommendation of a cake if no one wanted to eat it, I suppose.) It’s a bittersweet experience: eat now because it’ll all be gone later. Ah me: Eating is Such Sweet Sorrow….


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