how to paint farm animals

image of brown cow, south devon cow, watercolour painting technique by sarah bell

This is one of my favourite weeks when I stay at someone else’s hotel (for a change!); the Sidholme Hotel in Sidmouth,   and teach a four day workshop.

Despite the truly horrible weather outdoors, we are all cosied up inside this beautiful Regency Gothic hotel having a great time. This week the focus is on how to paint Farm Animals, and today we have been looking at how to draw cows. In the afternoon session I did a painting of a South Devon cow to demonstrate to my students how to start off their  watercolour.

To help, I brought along a huge stack of photos I took a while ago of the oldest pedigree herd of South Devon cattle in the country. They belong to my friend Elizabeth who has a farm near Totnes in Devon.  They really are the most gorgeous looking cows: orangey brown with big rounded ears and with a very mild temperament. To me they seem to be the teddy bears of the cattle world!


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