Pet commissions being taken – making the ideal Christmas present

As it is now October I’m obviously thinking about Christmas!!

Mad isn’t it but I thought I might as well join the rest of the world and be prepared …. depressing as it is that as soon as the school holidays are over the Christmas cards start appearing in the shops.

Well, just in case you’re as organised as me I thought you might be looking for a ‘different’ kind of Christmas present this year for that someone that’s got everything?

If you’re familiar with my work then you’ll know that I love to draw & paint animals (of all varieties)- that got me to thinking that maybe some of you would be interested in having a watercolour of a favourite pet immortalised by me & my paints to forever adorn yours or a family member/friend’s house?

Above is a recent painting I produced of the most adorable puppy…..thing is they don’t stay pups for long, do they?


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