Animal Workshops

Landscapes and Farm Animals

Pretty self-explanatory! You’ll be given a handout with simple tips to help you draw cows and sheep; we’ll look at how to use one colour brush drawings to improve how you observe shapes; how to combine wet in wet and layering techniques to paint animals, and how light and shadows will make animals look solid and three-dimensional. In the afternoon session we will work on location at a nearby farm to put it all into practice. Sarah can’t wait for this one!

Drawing and Painting Ponies and Horses

The first day of this two day course will be spent getting to grips with how to draw horses: looking at proportions and the especially tricky bits that lots of people struggle with, like heads, eyes, hocks, fetlocks, the torso, and shape of the back. Day two will be spent experimenting with watercolour, colour mixing, textures, shine, and making a painting from your favourite drawing. Bring your own photos to work from if you wish.

Painting Chickens and Ducks

This a fun workshop, and always very popular. Using Sarah’s pet chickens and ducks as models we will work indoors and outdoors. You’ll be given a set of notes explaining how to draw the forms of chickens and ducks very simply, we’ll have a little practice, and then do some quick fire drawing with a brush outside (it’s much easier than drawing with a pencil – no, really!) to loosen up. We’ll also look at colour mixing, how to paint a moving animal, and we’ll complete a small painting in the afternoon session.