Introductory Workshops

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Wonderful watercolour workshops with Sarah Bell on Sampsons Farm

Watercolours for Beginners

It's about colour!

“Sarah’s enthusiasm is only exceeded by her expertise”
Fiona Patterson     

 Whether you have never picked up a brush before, or have often painted but been frustrated by the results, the Beginners Day will be a godsend for you! This workshop covers the absolute basics in watercolour: advice on what sort of brushes, palettes and paper to use and how to mix beautiful, fresh colours from just three tubes. Great for those painters who always seem to end up with greys and browns, or insipid colours. We experiment with making transparent, pure colours and create a colour chart for future reference. Time is spent looking at brush technique, and the wet in wet technique. The afternoon is spent in putting all this information and experimentation into practice, making small studies of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers, and just enjoying loosening up with lovely, juicy paint. The emphasis on this day is to familiarise yourself with simple techniques, to lose inhibitions and possible unhelpful habits with watercolour, and not on producing a finished painting. It’s all about enjoying painting and building confidence. It’s not unlikely though, that one of those little studies may be lovely enough to make you want to have it framed! A Beginner’s workshop DVD is also available.

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Watercolours for Improvers

Going deeper

Following on from the Beginner’s Day: the second essential watercolour technique, glazing/layering will be covered in depth (that’s layer upon layer of transparent colour, to build up depth of colour; paint angular, flat sided objects, and create depth in your painting). We will create tonal studies in blue to really look at how to make light and shadow work for our painting, with a mini workshop on looking at light and shadow, along with specifics such as on painting shadows on both flat and curved surfaces. We’ll look at how to create atmosphere by using both harmonious and complementary colour schemes, thinking about colour the way artists do. There will be lots of advice on composition, and how to create lots of different paintings from the same subject matter. Sarah will be circulating to give help, encouragement, and administer watercolour first aid for any little mishaps! Go for it with all those new techniques to create your own still life watercolour.

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Introduction to Watercolours


 “It’s amazing! Sarah takes you from complete beginner to an artist with something well worth framing, in a matter of two or three days…..and so much fun is had in the process. We can never thank Sarah and hubby Nigel enough for the incredible and enjoyable tuition, cosy and comfortable accommodation, delicious  food and their wonderful friendship during our week’s stay. We’re still painting Sarah, and see everything through an artist’s eye, thanks to you. “                                                                Jennie and Nigel F                                                                                                                                  For those who want total immersion in learning watercolour! This two day course covers all the course material included in the Beginners and the Improvers days.

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