Watercolours for Improvers

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Sarah’s workshops often get fully booked quickly. Feel free to send Sarah an enquiry using the booking form  or phone on 07866 415111, to express your interest in dates and subjects, and to specify the periods and days of the week that you are available. As the list fills up, Sarah will try to arrange new workshops to satisfy the demand (weekdays are easier to arrange).

Following on from the Beginner’s Day: the second essential watercolour technique, glazing/layering will be covered in depth (that’s layer upon layer of transparent colour, to build up depth of colour; paint angular, flat sided objects, and create depth in your painting). We will create tonal studies in blue to really look at how to make light and shadow work for our painting, with a mini workshop on looking at light and shadow, along with specifics such as on painting shadows on both flat and curved surfaces. We’ll look at how to create atmosphere by using both harmonious and complementary colour schemes, thinking about colour the way artists do. There will be lots of advice on composition, and how to create lots of different paintings from the same subject matter. Sarah will be circulating to give help, encouragement, and administer watercolour first aid for any little mishaps! Go for it with all those new techniques to create your own still life watercolour.