Occasional Workshops

These workshops are held occasionally, according to demand. To join a waiting list for any of these courses, please e-mail sarah, and when sufficient people show interest she will arrange a date to suit. (A minimum of four students are needed for a course to run.)

Watercolour Workshops  Fashion Illustration

If you have seen Sarah’s fashion diva paintings you’ll know how exciting fashion illustration can be! You’ll learn simple and easy techniques to make sketches of women in the correct fashion proportions (even if you can’t draw at all I’ve got some fool proof methods for you, so don’t worry!). We’ll look at how to mix colours, and convincing flesh tones, how to paint special effects to portray fabrics such as satin and marabou feathers, and how to create simple, stylish hairstyles. This will be a great, fun workshop for a special day for mothers (or fathers) and daughters!

Watercolour Workshops Painting Simple Figures

Have you ever seen a painting let down by a figure in it with a huge head, a body as stiff as an ironing-board? Painting figures can be really tough: the trick is to paint them as loosely and simply as possible. But how?!! This workshop will give help and practical assistance on painting different kinds of figures, whether a single figure, or groups within a landscape. You’ll learn how to use light and shadow to model a figure and give it substance; how to simplify figures and get rid of fussy detail to make them more credible; a little on proportion and foreshortening, and also how to paint “shorthand” figures in the distance of a landscape to give your painting a sense of scale and life. A really useful workshop!

Draw What You See! Drawing for Beginners

By special request from students, this workshop is designed to give you confidence and build your drawing skills. Concentrating on simple techniques for accurate drawing (later in the year we may do another workshop focussing on expressive drawing techniques) we will look at proportions, light and shadows, simple perspective and foreshortening. We’ll use varied media, such a brush and ink; pencil, and even a pen on Perspex to get you nice and relaxed and drawing well. Not scary at all: you’ll have lots of fun with Sarah and the group trying out some easy ways to really see what’s in front of you, rather than what your brain is telling you is there! So if you’ve ever wished to be able to draw better, this workshop could be a great investment for the future!

Painting Watercolour Skies

A really useful day learning about how to paint sunsets, calm skies, cloudy skies, graduated washes; how to stretch paper; and wet in wet and layering techniques. If the weather allows we’ll be working outside for short spells, but mostly in the studio. Suitable for beginners and the more experienced.

Skies, Boats & Sea

Boats can be really tricky to draw, but I’ve got some special top tips to make it so much easier. We’ll look at how to paint reflections in water, and how to create those sparkly highlights you see on a sunny day. If you’ve ever wished you could sit down to do some sketching at a harbour, or fishing village or just a painting of the ferry here at Shaldon, this workshop will be invaluable. The accent here will be on *simplicity*. In the afternoon session we will paint an atmospheric scene using Sarah’s reference material and photos. Or depending on the weather,and the mood of the group, we mayo down to the beach at Teignmouth or Shaldon for an hour for an on-the-spot painting demo by Sarah.